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5 Ingredient Fix is a television series starring Claire Robinson aired
on FoodNetwork. Claire cooks attractive and delicious dishes with only
five ingredients or fewer and shows viewers how to enhance the natural
flavors of carefully-selected, fresh ingredients to illustrate her
belief that each ingredient should truly stand out in a recipe. With
eclectic and elegant menus perfect for every occasion, her
straightforward cooking style promotes healthy, seasonal eating as
well as stress-free shopping. Claire minimizes fuss and maximizes
taste to achieve mouth-watering meals in no time!

Official website: http://www.foodnetwork.com/5-ingredient-fix/
Claire Robinson's website: http://claire-robinson.com/

For global information about recipes please see index.txt and
epguide.txt in this folder. For more information about the show or
Claire Robinson see the file about.txt.

Numbers of episodes in archive: 72
Total recipes in archive: 279
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