Appendix F. Licensing Information

Many thanks to David Hogan for writing 9wm and releasing it under such a license that I could use it as a base to build larswm on.

Here is the original license for 9wm:


  9wm is free software, and is Copyright (c) 1994-1996 by David Hogan.
  Permission is granted to all sentient beings to use this software,
  to make copies of it, and to distribute those copies, provided

      (1) the copyright and licence notices are left intact
      (2) the recipients are aware that it is free software
      (3) any unapproved changes in functionality are either
            (i) only distributed as patches
        or (ii) distributed as a new program which is not called 9wm
                and whose documentation gives credit where it is due
      (4) the author is not held responsible for any defects
          or shortcomings in the software, or damages caused by it.

  There is no warranty for this software.  Have a nice day.

The majority of my work is in the files tiling.c, keys.c, bar.c and prefs.c, which I added to the source distribution. I have also made many changes to the original 9wm source files. Please consider my code to be under the same type of license as 9wm.