Appendix A. Mouse Command Reference

Tip: Button1 is the left mouse button, Button2 is the middle and Button3 is the right. Button4 and Button5 depend on your mouse, the most common is that those button events are generated by rolling the wheel up and down if you have a wheel mouse.

Table A-1. Mouse Commands

NoneFocus  Previous desktopNext desktop
ShiftForce Focus  Previous WindowNext Window
ControlFocus Retile    
Alt   Previous HiddenNext Hidden

Note: When using Button1 to set focus on a window, skip_focus decides if that window should be moved into the left track or if it should stay where it is. If skip_focus is on, then it stays and if it is off, then it goes to the left track. You use the Control modifier to toggle skip_focus for this particular click.

Configuring Wheel-Mice

You can configure your wheel mouse so that rolling the wheel up generates Button4 events, and rolling it down generates Button5 events. This makes for very fast browsing through virtual desktops.

Here are the two lines you need to have in the Pointer section of your XF86Config if you want to make use of the wheel.

Protocol "IMPS/2"
ZAxisMapping 4 5