Appendix B. Keyboard Shortcuts Reference

Tip: The Prior and Next keys are usually labeled Page Up and Page Down and what they let you do is to warp the pointer between physical monitors. With this it is now possible to do almost every normal task with or without using the mouse. The KP_Begin key is the number 5 on the keypad.

Note: Please see the file for a complete listing of keyboard shortcuts, it is included in the source tarball and in the RPM file, and is in troff/tbl format.

Configuring Sun Keyboards

On a Sun keyboard, the keypad does not generate the same KeySyms as XFree86 does on a PC. The easiest way around this is to remap your Sun keyboard using xmodmap. It is important to remap the keys before starting larswm, so you will most likely run xmodmap from your .xsession.

Here is my xmodmap file that I use for my Sun Type6 keyboard:

keycode 75 = KP_Home
keycode 76 = KP_Up
keycode 77 = KP_Prior
keycode 98 = KP_Left
keycode 99 = KP_Begin
keycode 100 = KP_Right
keycode 119 = KP_End
keycode 120 = KP_Down
keycode 121 = KP_Next

If you are using some other type of keyboard where the keypad is not working, use xev to find out the keycodes of the keys you need to remap.