Chapter 4. Window Classes

Table of Contents
Transient Windows
Untiled windows
Floating Windows
Sticky Windows

This chapter describes what window classes larswm recognises, and how they are treated.

Transient Windows

Windows that have the WM_TRANSIENT_FOR property set are not tiled. When a window that has transients gets focus, larswm will make the transients stay on top and have focus. If you switch focus to a different top level window while transients are mapped they will be left alone, underneath the other window, and will not be raised until you focus their top level window.

To focus the top level window without having one of its transients get focus automatically, use Control-Button1.

When a transient window first gets mapped, it will always show up, no matter what desktop you are viewing. The transient window will be assigned to the desktop where the parent window is though, so as soon as you change desktop, it will only show up on the virtual desktop the parent belongs to.