Chapter 5. Status Bar

Table of Contents
Window Mode Flags
Desktop Mode Flags
User defined message
Status Bar Mouse Functions

The status bar is a thin window that stretches across the screen at the bottom edge. In the left portion it contains the title of the focused window, and in the right area is a status display.

(Class~instance)  [nftsi]  Desktop name  [TCRSBH]  User defined message

After the desktop name comes the mode flags, where each position indicates whether a specific function is on or off or which mode is active.

Window Mode Flags

When show_class is on, the status bar will show the class and instance of the focused window, and a status field with all lower case characters indicating various features of the focused window.


Window belongs to the untiled subdesktop. Shows an n if untiled, or a - if tiled.


Window is floating above all other windows. Shows an f if floating, or a - if not.


Window is a tool window. Shows a t if it is a tool window, or a - if not.


Window is sticky. Shows an s if sticky, or a - if not.


Window accepts input. Shows an i if it wants input focus, or a - if not.