Porneia delights

— La nouvelle est toute fraîche (2007.03.20-20:55 CET), donc ça y est la release candidate 3 est bien sortie. La première chose qui me frappe c'est bien entendu :

Updated following translations: pt_PT, es_ES, es_AR, pt_BR, de_DE, nb_NO

Car en fait plusieurs personnes (dont un petit bout de moi, à ce propos merci à chets et jaroug) avion mis la traduction à jour, on attendra donc la rc4 (1.0 ?) pour voir apparaître (même si d'habitude on ne s'en rend pas compte) des belles phrases en Français.

Voici donc comme tout le monde l'attend, le changelog :

    * Introduced support for mouse buttons in the keys file
      - Mouse buttons are bound to new `keys' Mouse1, Mouse2, etc.
      - Also a new modifier `OnDesktop' to specify actions that should take place
        when you click on the desktop -- without this, mouse bindings are global
    * Added a utility to the project that automatically updates configuration
      files when we change the syntax -- your current mouse bindings on the
      desktop will be added to your keys file automatically
    * Introduced new key command: HideMenus
    * Introduced a key command to display a menu stored in an arbitrary file:
      CustomMenu /path/to/file
    * More extended wm hints support:
      * _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE_CANCEL (new in version 1.4.draft-1),
    * Little simplification of data structure for keybindings
      Side effects:
        - "Mod4 a b" now behaves like "Mod4 a None b" -- in fact, "None" is now
           completely obsolete
        - You can press "Escape" to cancel any Emacs-style keychain in progress
          (unless it's bound to something else)
        - If there is a conflict between bindings, the first one in the file wins
        - Fixes handling of keychains like "Mod4 a Mod1 b"
        - Should fix some issues with "None" modifier  
    * Updated following translations:
      pt_PT, es_ES, es_AR, pt_BR, de_DE, nb_NO
    * Support per-window transparency settings.
       ( patch #1511042, feature #1108692 )
      - new "Transparency" menu in the window menu
      - new apps file attribute: 
         [alpha] {int int} (or just {int})
        Where numbers represent focused and unfocused transparency, 
        respectively. One number only will be used for both.
      - Also, show toggle status for shade and stick in window menu.
      * Introduced new key command: SetAlpha [[+-] [[+-]]]
        - with no arguments, returns the focused window to default settings
        - with one argument, changes both focused and unfocused settings the same
        - with two arguments, the first changes the focused alpha, and the second
          changes the unfocused alpha
       E.g. SetAlpha 127 +5 will set the focused alpha to 127 and increment the
      unfocused alpha by 5 (until it reaches 255)
    * Added resource and menu item for maximizing over external tabs
    * Renamed session.screen*.iconbar.deiconifyMode to
       session.screen*.userFollowModel (Mark)
       This resource is used for:
        - clicking a window on a different workspace in the iconbar
        - _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW messages where the source is a pager
        - clicking a client in the workspace menu (and the opposite is used for
          right clicks)
       Possible values are:
        - Follow: go to the workspace of the selected window
        - Current: bring the window to the current workspace
        - SemiFollow: act like Current for iconified windows, else Follow
        - Ignore: leave it alone
    * Added support for negative arguments to the `Tab' key command to count
      backwards from the last tab in the group
    * Added option to :Minimize key command to lower all windows in the same
      layer as the focused window,syntax is :Minimize (layer)
    * Several changes for background style option:
      - now support `background: mod' to coincide with fbsetroot -mod --
        In addition to `background.color' and `background.colorTo', this option
        must also set `background.modX' and `background.modY' to integers
      - added `background: none' for styles that do not include a background
      - fixed bug with style backgrounds not getting set when changing styles
      - updated default styles to be valid wrt background options
    *  Made some changes to the way autogrouping in the apps file works
      - Introduced new syntax [group] (workspace) to group new windows only with
        windows on the current workspace.
    * XEMBED support for systemtray.
    * Added typeahead support to menus (patch by Philipp Goedl, modified by Mark
      and Matteo Galiazzo)
      - Added new style item menu.frame.underlineColor:  for displaying
        matching items
    * session.screen.defaultDeco now allows same strings as apps file

Bug fixes:
    * #1437864, Buttons should only run a command if the mouse was clicked down 
      on the same button
    * #1560803, MaxSize and MinSize hints weren't getting updated properly
    * #1535304, #1572683, #1646740, Layer wasn't set properly on remembered 
      windows, and the layer menu wasn't getting updated properly,
    * #1060891, #1517747, Clicking on the edge of a button didn't work
    * #1595497, Don't escape regular expression metacharacters in apps file 
    * #1621980, Fix data type of data passed to set _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS
    * #1528646, Don't add 2 pixels to a specified toolbar height
    * #1595336, Stop cycling focus when any other command is run
    * #1561482, Crash when clicking on the workspacename to get the
                toolbar menu.
    * #1362913, core dumps on Solaris
    * #1519913, Next/PrevWindow toolbar buttons break MouseFocus
    * #1491571, Round corners badly rendered 
    * #1449608, Auto-grouped windows using groups file didn't raise 
    * #1069909, Incorrect window dimensions
    * Changing between internal and external tabs didn't affect iconified
    * Preserve order of focused windows on restart 
    * Properly revert focus when two windows close simultaneously 
    * Fixed nls digit strings to prefix with zero "%4d" => "%04d" for proper 
    * Fix RefCount crash and Slit deconstruction ordering
    * Detect user's shell from environment rather than assuming /bin/sh
    * Fixed an unreported bug with grouping windows on multiple screens
    * Fixed a bug with resizing windows for clients when only the width is
    * Fixed a bug with `session.ignoreBorder: true'
    * Slit was creating a strut even when it wasn't visible
    * Fixed display bug with ParentRelative menu highlight
    ...and more, not listed here.

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