A Tiling Window Manager

Lars Bernhardsson

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Compatibility
3. larswm Internals
Associating Windows With A Virtual Desktop
Hidden Windows
Focus Handling
Multi-Head Concerns
4. Window Classes
Transient Windows
Untiled windows
Floating Windows
Sticky Windows
5. Status Bar
Window Mode Flags
Desktop Mode Flags
User defined message
Status Bar Mouse Functions
6. Application Keyboard Shortcuts
7. Final Thoughts
A Brief History Of larswm
A. Mouse Command Reference
Configuring Wheel-Mice
B. Keyboard Shortcuts Reference
Configuring Sun Keyboards
C. Command Line Options
D. Configuring larswm
larswm Resources
Screen and/or virtual desktop specific preferences
Generating A Default .larswmrc
E. Obtaining larswm And Contacting The Author
F. Licensing Information
List of Tables
A-1. Mouse Commands
D-1. Available Resources
D-2. Resource Precedence
List of Examples
5-1. Hello World on the status bar